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Basic Services Pricing

  • Rekey a lock – This involves changing the pins in a lock to operate using a different (new) key : $13.50
  • Master key a lock – a rekey that includes master pins to allow one or more keys to operate the lock : $15.00
  • Duplicate Keys – for keys such as basic Schlage or Kwikiset : $2.50 each
  • Lockouts – Residential, Commercial, or Retail, varies by time of day and what you need unlocked : a range of $65.00 – $125.00

Hourly Rates

  • Basic Hourly Labor Rate – mostly used in Commercial settings and for things like lock rebuilds or hardware installs : $60 per hour
  • Electrical Hourly Labor Rate : $85 per hour

Advanced Services Pricing

  • Master system setup : Billed at the hourly labor rate of $60 per hour, often only takes a half hour depending on the complexity of the system
  • Safe installation : Billed at the hourly labor rate of $60 per hour, usually $60 – $180 total depending on size and location of install
  • Automotive Service – ranges greatly depending on make and model : $100 – $550
  • Advanced Hourly Labor Rate – $85 per hour

We will travel to your local location for a $60 trip charge.